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Speeches by famous Southerners

Below are links to speeches by famous Southerners. Some of these speeches are in print, others are links to actual recordings of speeches. When people look to see what those who came before us thought about certain issues, it is best to see what they actually said. Here you will find key commentary throught our Southern history.



Patrick Henry - 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death'

George Washington - 'First Inaugural'

George Washington - 'Farewell Address'

Thomas Jefferson - 'First Inaugural'

James Madison - 'First Inaugural'

James Madison - 'Second Inaugural'

James Monroe - 'First Inaugural'

James Monroe - 'Monroe Doctrine'

Andrew Jackson - 'First Inaugural'

Andrew Jackson - 'Bank Veto Speech'

Andrew Jackson - 'Second Inaugural'

James K. Polk - 'Inaugural Address'

John C. Calhoun - 'On Clay Compromise Measure'

Jefferson Davis - 'Farewell to U.S. Congress'

Jefferson Davis - 'First Inaugural Address as Provisional President of CSA'

Jefferson Davis - 'Second Inaugural Address as Duly Elected President of CSA'

Booker T. Washington - '1895 Atlanta Exposition Speech'




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