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The links provided here are offered as resources in research as well as in the endeavor of exploratory fun. If you have a particular topic you don't see links to, please e-mail us and, if we think applicable, we will work to set up that category and find resources to link to from here.

Note: Listing of a particular site here should not be construed as an endorsement of any institution, company, or product. The links provided here are for information only, and should be used with the clear understanding that we only wish to provide information for the thorough study and examination of the South and all that makes it the unique place it is.



Research Links

Abbeville Institute

American Slave Narratives (University of Virginia)

Causes of the War Between the States (From the Southern View)

Center for American History (University of Texas)

Center for the Study of Southern Culture (Univ. of Mississippi)

Center for the Study of the American South (Univ. of North Carolina)

Cherokee National Historical Society

Civil War Pension Index

Condensed Look at the Southern view of the War Between the States

Confederates in Brazil

Constitution Society

Documenting the American South (Univ. of North Carolina)

Forgotten Confederates


Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum

History of Jim Crow Laws

Journal of Southern Religion

The Journal of Southern History (Rice University)

League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and History

Migration and the South

Mississippi Quarterly Journal of Southern Culture

Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience

Papers of Jefferson Davis

Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty

Sherman's March

Slavery in the North

Southeast Center for Teaching Quality

Southern Culture Online Course (Vance-Granville Community College, N.C.)

Southern Cultural Heritage Foundation

Southern Focus Poll (University of North Carolina)

Southern Footprints

Southern History.Net

Southern Oral History Program (University of North Carolina)

The Southern Quarterly, Journal of Arts in the South (University of Southern Mississippi)

Southern Rural Development Center

Southern Studies Institute

Southern Studies Jumpgate

Wikipedia: The South

Southern History

37th Texas Cavalry

American Military University

From Revolution to Reconstruction

History Lessons on War Between the States

Minorities that Fought for the South

Museum of the Confederacy

Museum of Southern History

Reconstruction from a Southern View

Radical Preservation

History of Forestry in the Southern U.S.

Southern Research Station (USDA Forest Service)

King Cotton Magazine (Cotton Industry on-line magazine, with historical data on cotton in the U.S.)

Cajun Culture Encyclopedia

Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society

Stonewall Jackson Museum

Home of Stonewall Jackson

Stratford Hall Plantation

Southern Military Institute

Tannehill Iron Works (Birmingham, AL)

Wilmington, N.C. 1898 History

Southern Sites for Fun

All Things Southern "Bringing you the Charm and Heritage of the South"

All Southern Rock Streaming Radio Station

Southern Living (online magazine)

Southern Sass

I Love Dixie

Christian Confederate Radio

DixieBroadcasting.com (24-hour streaming Southern radio)

Turner South (The network for the South)

Dixie Dingo (The Dog of the South)

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (State Dog of Louisiana)

NASCAR (A sport that originated in the South)

Plott Hound (Originated in North Carolina)

The Southern Avenger (radio personality)

Searching Ancestry of Famous Southerners (or yourself)

Southern Technology Sites (online Magazine)

Y'all Magazine


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