It should be completely unnecessary to mention anything about the subject of wastes in the context of not offending others, but as the 20th Century has wound down, public displays of the basest sort have become commonplace.  Miscreants of every stripe continue to make a public display of casting off their wastes – from fingernail clippings to worse – despite a host of witnesses or persons who may be immediately offended.

Do not clip your fingernails in public and then discard the clippings on the floor.  Medical science has demonstrated that human fingers, and in particular the underside of human fingernails, to be absolutely nasty.  Therefore, when you cut your fingernails or toenails, dispose of the clippings in a trashcan.  And do it at home.

It is sad that this should have to be addressed, but such is the decline of manners today that it cannot be ignored.  Flatulence should never be detected by another, be either sound or smell.  If you have a “gas problem,” then you should remove yourself to the restroom; after all that is why these rooms were built.  Obviously, if one is in the woods, in one’s home or otherwise unable to affect others by this activity, then what you do in private is your business.

Facial tissues were invented largely for the polite and hygienic removal of nasal wastes.  Use them.  Do not go “digging for gold” in public as this effectively puts you on the same level as zoo animals.  And most assuredly do not dispose of such wastes such that others might actually come into physical contact with them.

When coughing, cover your mouth.  When sneezing, make every effort not to spray others or their property.

Some people are so devoid of basic concepts of decency that they see nothing wrong with relieving themselves in public places.  One would think that everyone that has reached adulthood in this country would know that such behavior is grossly unacceptable.  It is a basic fact of nature that all people have to urinate, but we do not have to put on public demonstrations of those facts.

To put it bluntly, do not urinate in public outside of a restroom.  This is particularly true of swimming pools and other public swimming areas.  In a world where we understand as much as we do about communicable diseases, it is more than just a matter of manners.  It could affect someone’s health.  

To summarize, do not release wastes into your environment in such a way that even one other person might conceivably come into physical or sensory contact with it.