Public Transportation

Whenever people are getting off a train car, bus or other mode of public transportation, let the disembarking people get off first before trying to get on.  It is illogical to try to get on before they leave simply because you would have to push them aside (usually) to get on, and that is terribly rude.  Instead, stand to one side and permit them to get off.  Then you get on.

Think about what it means to try to shoulder your way on prior to them getting off.  It is a public statement of selfishness that you would be so pushy just to try to get a better seat.

A gentleman may offer to give his seat to a lady, and she may politely decline of she wishes.

Do not play sound devices such as radios, etc such that it disturbs others.  No matter what type of music you like, you can be sure there is someone else who does not like it.  Non-musical material, such as lectures, etc. can be very distracting to others who are trying to read.

Open food and/or drink can be very inappropriate as well for several reasons.  Spills on seats or on the floor can sometimes get on other people’s clothing, and the smell of food is a big distraction for some.

Do not leave trash on public vehicles, and most certainly do not vandalize them in any fashion, including graffiti.