Verbal Independence . . .

A series of articles discussing the uniqueness of the Southern language.

     This series of articles, is an attempt to offer a Southern orthography guide as well as a full understanding of the English language as spoken by the American South.  Three sources for examples of Southern orthography are The Southern Patriot (which provided this series of articles), and such superb journals as Nat Rudulph’s Southern Events—a model state publication of its sort (from Alabama)—and new journals like David Rockett’s important The  Agrarian  Steward  (Monroe, Louisiana).

     Our Southern spelling in these is based largely (but not exclusively) upon British orthography—that orthography predating Noah Webster’s assault on diversity that culminated in his famous comformist dictionary. (Noah Webster was the consummate Yankee codifier and the chief centraliser of the language.) 

Links to each article in the series are listed below.  The information provided here is a compilation of an on-going series of articles.  As more of this series becomes available, it will be added to the list here. 

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